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The Ministry for Empathy

On June 22, 2018, a new cross-portfolio, inter-governmental Ministry, the Federal Ministry for Empathy, was established to introduce notions of empathy, compassion and kindness into Australia’s mainstream political culture.

The Federal Ministry for Empathy is a central agency and advocacy instrument providing co-ordinated strategy and leadership for the emotional intelligence, mental health and well-being of Australia’s political culture.

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It is important to nurture, develop and promote the emotional intelligence and well-being of Australia’s political class to ensure humanity remains front-and-centre in government deliberations whether matters of national security, agriculture, arts, education, manufacturing or technology.

The new Ministry for Empathy will have responsibility for ensuring a nationally consistent approach to empathy, compassion and kindness whilst securing the integrity of Australia’s emotional intelligence program and protecting our psychological borders.

The Ministry’s activities will be refreshed on a regular basis in order to remain emotionally responsive, psychologically alert and politically disarming.

The Minister’s first duty will be a comprehensive round of interviews with key Ministers, the progress of which will be available to the public in 2018.

The Ministry was launched two years to the day David Pledger was elected Minister for Empathy by 42 Australians in Canberra, 10 days before the 2016 Federal Election. References to previous departmental positions held by said Minister have been deleted.


31st July, 2019

40 Days and 40 Nights in the Wilderness of Emotions

In the aftermath of the Election Miracle of May 18, our Federal Minister for Empathy chose to spend 40 Days and 40 Nights in the Wilderness of Emotions searching for answers to the burning questions sparked that day. What do we believe in? Who do we care for? What do we value? Who are we? Recorded a few minutes after he walked out of the Wilderness and into the Office of Empathy, he offers up these thoughts.
13th May, 2019

Interview 8: The Chosen Minister

In this remarkably honest interview, recorded just days before the Federal Election, The Chosen Minister returns to the Office of Empathy to talk about the Earth, student climate strikes and deference to the Ultimate Leader.
8th May, 2019

Interview 7: The Minister for Barns and Babies

The Minister for Barns and Babies refuses to discuss his portfolio, preferring to talk about his feelings.
29th April, 2019

Interview 6: The Formerly Foreign Minister

The Government's most popular leader, The Formerly Foreign Minister, talks frankly about empathy and the threat it poses to the professional politician.
21st April, 2019

Interview 4: The Minister for Noise

The Minister for Noise physically demonstrates the performative alchemy of empathy, power, noise and silence through circular breathing.
17th April, 2019

Fast-tracked > Interview 5: The Minister for My Self

As Prime Ministerial candidates compete for attention, the Ministry has fast-tracked this interview with a former PM to demonstrate what we have left behind and why.
8th April, 2019

Interview 3: The Minister No Longer

The Federal Minister for Empathy speaks with The Minister No Longer about the confusion between terrorists and tourists.
1st April, 2019

Interview 2: The Chosen Minister

In this interview with the Chosen Minister, The Federal Minister for Empathy touches on issues of God and masculinity.
22nd March, 2019

Interview 1: The Federal Minister for Home

In the first interview of the Front-bench series, the Federal Minister for Empathy discusses the nuances of practising empathy with The Federal Minister for Home.
22nd March, 2019

Media Release

In the lead-up to the Federal Election 2019, the Federal Minister for Empathy, David Pledger, embarks on a series of interviews with the Government’s Frontbench.
19th June, 2018

Media Release

Today marks a milestone for Australia – the establishment of the first-ever Ministry for Empathy – the most significant reform in the emotional intelligence sector of the Australian government.

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For media enquiries please contact info@notyet.com.au

Minister for Empathy, David Pledger
Chief-of-Staff ,  Alex Kelly
Communications, Natalie Cursio
Advisor, Mark Atkin
Ambassador (Australia), Pippa Bailey
Ambassador (International), Peter Eckersall